Sunday, January 02, 2011

Have heart disease? Perhaps dad's diet is to blame

For the past few years, a slew of studies have focused attention on the role that a pregnant woman's diet has on the future health of her offspring. I previously warned women off doughnuts and Big Macs in this article citing research showing that pregnant women who dined on junk food could increase their baby's chances of developing diabetes and heart disease later in life.

That's because certain environmental factors -- like how much weight a woman gains when she's pregnant, what she eats and what chemicals she's exposed to -- actually affect how her baby's genes are programmed in the womb.
Well, now it's time for dads to share some of the blame for faulty programming that wires kids for obesity and a host of other health ills. A study published last week in the journal Cell suggests that what a father eats before his offspring are created can have some influence on fetal programming for disease risk.

At least father mice, since that's what the researchers studied...

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