Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black tea extract prevents obesity

There are many diets you can try to avoid or prevent obesity. But chances are good that none of them work for you. The problem is that most people couldn't control their daily intake of calories because foods with high fat, high salt and high sugar taste just too good.

New research suggests that simply taking some extract of a Chinese black tea called Pu-Erh tea after meals may help you stop gaining weight even if you continue eating a typical obesity-inducing Western diet full of high fat, high protein and high energy.

The research conducted by Yasuyuki Oi of Nippon Supplement, Inc. based out of Osaka, Japan found mice given the black tea extract in some dose did not raise levels of blood triglycerides after ingestion of a corn oil emulsion.

The researchers published the results in Phytotherapy Research. In the research, female ddy mice were given one of seven diets with either high fat, or a normal dietary composition, or supplemented black tea extract, or gallic acid in different doses for a period of 12 weeks...

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